Quality Statement

At JCB Merchatns, our philosophy is that the highest quality is engineered into products. Quality is a system, not sporadic testing and checking. Here are how we practice our philosophy.


1: Manufacturing plant design and construction:

All plants are designed and constructed according to current pharmaceutical GMP guide lines. Then certified by appropriate authority for conforming to the GMP and ISO-9001 standards.


2; Equipment and precision instruments:

We only install equipment and instruments certified by EU, USA or other authorities for quality and engineering worthiness.


3: Best ingredients:

We use the best names in the industry, such as Rousselot gelatin  or equivalent, USP ingredients. Each plant purify its own water that far exceeds any drinking water standards.


4: Knowledgeable people:

Regular trainings and education for all employees for GMP and ISO quality control measures. University education or equivalent is a must for key personnel.


5: QC Laboratory provide on site control:
We have on site labs in every manufacturing plant. Each lab is equipped with advanced testing instruments to sufficiently monitor the product quality.


6: Quality audit:

Audits are done by regulatory bodies, our clients and our self every year.