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What is new
GAR Capsules
We have added two more types of GAR capsules. Now we have total of three types of Gastric Acid Resistant (GAR) capsules that are based on HPMC, pullulan and gelatine, to meet requirements from different industry group. 
Our GAR HPMC capsules are based on Hypromellose (HPMC), CAP USP or HPMC-P, primarily for the purpose of delivering live microbes, enzymes, oxygen sensitive and acid sensitive ingredients to safely pass through stomach acid and release quickly in the intestine.
Our GAR Pullulan capsules are based on pullulan, primarily to combine the unique oxygen barrier property of pullulan and mechanical properties of HPMC, for delivery oxygen sensitive, acid sensitive materials into intestines.
Organic Bright-poly Capsules
Our Bright-poly capsules has obtained full NOP organic certification. It is the industry first and only NOP Certified Organic pullulan vegetable capsules, and is the only organic empty capsule available in the world.
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