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Who Are We:

Incorporated in 2000, JCB Merchants Ltd. grew with our customers to become a leading supplier of hard shell capsules and ingredients in North America. In servicing our loyal customers, we pioneered to research and develop new products in order to maintain our customers’ competitive edges in the marketplace. Throughout the years, we have become known in our industry as leaders in the development of innovative quality products while still maintaining very competitive pricing. Unparalleled customer service, great products at affordable prices are the core values of our company.
Try us, and experience the difference.
Our Business:
Our main business is divided into 2 major product groups:

1: Empty Hard Shell Capsules:We manufacture pharmaceutical grade empty vegetable based, gelatine based capsules, liquid fill capsules and Delayed Release capsules in our brand new, state-of-art facility in Shanxi Province, China.

2: Food & Pharma Ingredient
We have been an reliable and innovative supplier of food and pharma ingredients for 16 years.
Our specialties are gums, binders and plant proteins.
Our Product Quality:
All quality control measurements are designed and enforced on our belief that quality is systematically manufactured into products, not achieved by random testing and sporadic checking. For our full Quality Statements, please click here.
Our Services:
We operate offices in US, Canada, Europe and China in order to serve our customers better. We also have experienced sales staff and a strong technical support team to help our customers.